Stand Against Hatred and Violence

Stand Against Hatred and Violence

March 15, 2019

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee strongly condemns the horrific attack on two mosques in New Zealand.

Although this atrocity has not taken place in our geographic area, we are aware of the effect such acts of terror can have on our local community. The rising tide of hatred across the globe affects us all.

Last night’s attack is another manifestation of the hatred and violence that has become all too common around the world, including Islamophobia in this instance but also hatred towards the stranger in general. In these challenging times, let us strive to advocate for understanding and justice and the basic precepts of mercy and compassion that underlie all of our faiths.

The Interfaith Conference reaffirms our common commitment to the inherent dignity of every human being – seen in many faiths as being made by a loving Creator -- and recommits itself to peacemaking and justice among our constituent bodies and beyond.

The Interfaith Conference is a 49-year-old nonprofit organization through which the regional leaders and adherents of 18 member faiths and denominations:

  • Dialogue to build personal relationships • Conduct public programming to counter hate and fear while fostering interfaith, intercultural and interracial understanding, tolerance and friendship
  • Work together on hunger, unemployment, environmental challenges and other social issues to create a better society for everyone

Nonmember faiths and denominations also help plan and participate.

Issued by the Interfaith Conference Executive Committee