The Role of Interfaith Dialogue in Strengthening Social Justice Movements

Please join us on August 5th, at 6pm at Marquette University for this panel conversation with authors of, "Interfaith Engagement in Milwaukee", Dr. Irfan Omar and Kaitlyn Daly. The panel will also include Pardeep Singh Kaleka, current executive director of Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Janan Najeeb, president of Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition, and Rhonda Hill, founder of Race and Faith. Moderated by Dr. Andrew Kim, director of Center for the Advancement of the Humanities.

This event will be IN PERSON and also LIVE STREAMED.

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Humanities experts, religious leaders, and community members will highlight the transformative teachings and practices within Islam and Christianity while deepening the community’s understanding of how to examine and use faith and knowledge to promote the common good.