Deepening Our Faith Through the Pandemic #3

On May 21st, our third zoomcast series, "Deepening our Faith Through the Pandemic" featured a conversation with Unitarian Universalist community minister, and long time Interfaith Conference committee member, Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth and Buddhist Rodney Sanchez who studies and practices Buddhist teachings, is active in the Milwaukee Interfaith community, and on the Committee for Interfaith Understanding (CIU) of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee. His Sangha practice, hosted with his wife Bethany takes place at the Tender Shoot of Joy Dharma Center in Milwaukee.

In this zoomcast, hosted by Interfaith Conference's Executive Director, Pardeep Singh Kaleka, we explore the role of suffering and healing within Buddhism and the balance between our beliefs and putting it into action for the Unitarian community. Each guest shares their personal life experiences and how they have helped others during this time of Covid-19.

Deepening Our Faith Through the Pandemic 5/21/2020