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Here Is The Latest News About One Community Activities and Events

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, in partnership with the Center for Learning Communities is currently meeting with selected congregations in order to set the first round of Community Dialogues in October. Stay tuned for more updates.

Michael Soika, President of the Center for Learning Communities and a partner with the Interfaith Conference on the One Community project recently had an Opinion article published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Crossroads section which can be seen here. Following is an excerpt from that piece:

"I have a challenge to all people of good will who want to stand up in opposition to what has transpired in Charlottesville: Spend your time and energy working to alleviate the structural racism in southeastern Wisconsin instead. The racism here is much more insidious. We don’t have the easily identifiable evil of Nazis and white supremacists marching in the streets. What we do have is institutional racism hidden behind the doors of civility and carried out in long-standing public policies. We have 72% of all poor people in the four-county region packed into the city of Milwaukee, with little support or affordable housing elsewhere. We have cynical politicians opposing mass transit in the suburbs and suppressing voter registration in predominantly minority communities.

Segregation is an evil that must be confronted by all people of faith and good will. We are willing to do so when the evil is far away — in Charlottesville. But it takes a special kind of strength and courage to confront the segregation in our own back yard.

When we search our hearts, perhaps we will understand that inaction on this home-grown segregation is tacitly condoning it"

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