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Join the dialogue. Change your life. Transform the world.

What happens at an Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue?

  • Guests register to be placed in a host home for the evening of the dialogue. Groups are kept small at around 8 - 10 guests. Groups are created for maximum religious and cultural diversity and group members are mostly strangers to one another. Click here for Guest FAQs.
  • Hosts volunteer to provide their home as a meeting place for the dialogue, and to provide a simple, nutritious meal for the guests. Click here for Host FAQs.
  • Moderators volunteer and are trained to facilitate the discussion using a structure that creates a safe space for all to share and listen.

Guests share a meal and dialogue together using dialogue cards which contain thought-provoking questions about the broad themes present in nearly all faith traditions and world views. Using appreciative inquiry, guests respond in turn and simply listen to each response without interrupting, questioning or commenting. The moderator helps along this process.

By the end of the evening, deep connections are forged and friendships have begun. Unstructured, “free” time is provided at the end of the evening for more social and spontaneous sharing. People often exchange contact information so as to stay in touch with new friends. Many groups still meet on their own long after the Dinner Dialogue, or participate in other structured Amazing Faiths events.

Why participate in an Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue?

  • Counter fear and ignorance
  • Bridge racial, cultural and socio-economic divisions
  • Increase religious literacy
  • Build community within diversity
  • Practice appreciative listening
  • Engage on a meaningful level
  • Learn from other faith traditions
  • Talk about matters of faith and spirituality in a safe, controlled environment

What are the core values of Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogues?

  • Hospitality - welcoming those who are strangers to us
  • Friendship - seeking connection with people regardless of their faith
  • Responsibility - makign a difference for respect and understanding in our world
  • Faith neutrality - affirming equally people of all faiths and no faith
  • Community - strengthening relational cohesion at the grassroots level

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